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If a deaf person swears in sign language, does his mom wash his hands with soap?

um yeah just wondering :)If a deaf person swears in sign language, does his mom wash his hands with soap?
hahaha thats clever i like sure no...probably mom gets mad and spanks him hahahah :-PIf a deaf person swears in sign language, does his mom wash his hands with soap?
No, she beats him with the soap in a sock.

Better than an enema.

Eczema on your hands - soap advice!?

Does anyone know of any soaps that can be used, without eczema flaring up everytime you wash your hands?

At the moment im using fairy, and its being a bugger!Eczema on your hands - soap advice!?
Both me and my sister have had eczema since we were little and any kind of ';soap'; will cause it to flair up. It got so bad that we ended up going to a skin specialist and he prescribed a creme that works wonders(if you use it regularly). My advice to you is to go to a skin specialist and after you wash your hands(or shower) use a good moisturizer (every-time!).

Try to keep your hands out of water as much as you can or avoid it by wearing gloves when washing dishes/cleaning or whenever you can. Its not really the soap thats causing the irritation because when it comes to eczema WATER is the enemy.

Also do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and your hands are itching like crazy? I run hot water(hottest you can stand) over my hands(it feels sooo good) and after that the itching goes away i dry them then moisturize.

I hope this helps, good luck!Eczema on your hands - soap advice!?
If your referring to doing the dishes, you should wear washing up gloves, you can get ones for sensitive skin. Or even Nitrile washing up gloves which are rubber and latex free (sometimes rubber can irritate eczema) many people are allergic.

For general hand soap, try using actual 'soap FREE' products, and moisturise directly after washing your hands.

For all skin washing, body including hands you need to use soap free cleansers; try Oilatum shower gel for shower and always moisturise, including your hands after contact with water. Soaps and detergents will irritate eczema.
well i have eczema so i can kinda relate to the question.. it takes time to find out what kinda soaps dont irritate your skin, but try to look for one that isnt scented that usually works the best, or has very little scent. Also if you have really bad eczema try to apply lotion on your hands whenever you get a chance or creams such as 'aquaphor, eucerin etc.'
Fairy use a gentle gel soap in a pump bottle which is made for sensitive skin and dry your hands properly, and then put loads of handcream everytime. Wash the dishes using rubber gloves lined with cotton and do all household chores which involve water wearing gloves. Even plain water will dry out hands
like a hand soap?. Try using a brand called 'simple' they dont add any alcohol or perfume to their products so its kind on skin. also remember to make sure its washed off properly and that you dry your hands really well.. also wash your hands in warm water.. not freezing cold as it can make them worse..

if that doesnt work try a baby soap.. even like a johnsons no more tears type as that is super kind to skin..

Eczema on your hands-soap advice?

answer- try baby soap.

also try '; polysporin '; its a healing cream .

also try '; cortizone'; cream.

they are all sold over the counter.

good luck.
Find a soap specially formulated for sensitive skin. Dove probaly do one, as will a lot of other brands. Ideally find one without too many colourings, fragances or alcohol.
Get Cetaphil Soap. It also comes in moisturizing cream. Its for sensitive eczema skin. It's perfect.
I use Dial the foaming antibacteral one, I find all the foam ones are ok because they rinse so clean. Also Aveeno daily hand cream really helps sometimes I mix it with a bit of cortizone cream.
My husband uses some soap from Bath and Body Works. It's Dr. Bigelow or something like that. They also offer a hand salve that works really well for him. Hope this helps!
We use aqueous cream - only 拢2/3 for a big tub. Best to avoid any soap.
talk to a dermatologist
Dove soap, thats what all teh doctors are saying to use
wear gloves or use the utterly smooth lotion
the good kind
Go to your local health food shop and ask them for their natural soaps which are made from all natural ingredients instead of petroleum based ingredients. Use gloves when you are washing up. Then to help your eczema take some flax oil every day. A tablespoon mixed with some yogurt. Stir it into your favourite flavour and you won't taste it at all. that will help in a few weeks. Another thing is that you might have a food allergy that is causing your eczema. The most common are dairy (milk and cream etc) or wheat. You could try cutting these out of your diet to see if it makes a difference.

Good Luck

Soap is used to remove oil from hands then how dirt is removed?

Dirt is removed when you wash the soap from hands with water.

Its just water which removes dirt.Soap is used to remove oil from hands then how dirt is removed?
make up your own hand cleaner, raw sugar and lemon juice mixed, it really does the trickSoap is used to remove oil from hands then how dirt is removed?
its used to remove both where did you hear/read that it removes only oils?
Soap will remove Both.!!!!!!!!

Are all hand soaps antibacterial?

No regular soap has no disinfecting quality's. Soap is an emulsifier. It brakes cohesion of grease and oil type molecules so they don't stick together basically. That is why it soap makes washing greasy dishes easier. To be a disinfectant it has to have an additive. In the bottle hand soap that is usually alcohol.

Is it unhealthy to wash hands with only water and no soap?

If your hands are really dirty or oily, then I suggest washing your hands with soap. Water alone does not work at all! It cannot cut through dirt and oil like soap can. However, you should try to minimize the times you wash your hands with soap because you do not want to increase your exposure to toxins. Remember, our skin is the largest organ of our body and it absorbs up to 60% of the products we put on it. Considering that the conventional hand soaps available in the market today are packed with chemicals and toxic ingredients, this is not a pretty picture. Just to clarify, these ingredients are considered ';toxic'; not because they instantly hurt you once they come into contact with your skin, but rather because they hurt you over time. For instance, most soaps contain parabens, which are chemical preservatives that have been linked to cancer. It is also known that most beauticians have higher rates of cancer than the general population because of their heavy use of cosmetics. So to answer your question, yes-- it is healthy not to wash your hands with soap unless it is completely necessary!Is it unhealthy to wash hands with only water and no soap?
Look soap helps but if the water is warm and you gently rub your hands under the water for at least 30 seconds it should be OK , but of course using soap would be better .

PS- The rubbing motion is what kills the germs , not the soap.

Also there have been studies suggesting that anti-bacterial soap does more harm than good by killing good and bad bacteria.Is it unhealthy to wash hands with only water and no soap?
Soap helps release dirt, including bacteria, from your skin. or hands. So use soap whenever available for washing your hands.
Depends on what you were doing before washing your hands. Touching raw meat, using household cleaners, I would say to use soap...
as long as you don't shake hands with me, i really don't care if you wash them or not
its not unhealthy, but soap helps remove most bacteria, when only water does not remove as much.
well yeah it's the point. The soap gets all the germs out. Trust me. I got an A+ in health at school......
Washing with water is better than not washing at all -- if soap is not handy.
how long do you think soap has been around ?how long do you think man has been around ?i think you would be ok just dirty .
Soap actually helps dissolve away the oils that may carry germs, so it's better to use soap if you can:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

To get technical: ';Water alone is not able to penetrate grease or oil because they are of opposite polarity.';


Hope this is helpful!

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Is washing your hands without soap as useless as not washing your hands at all?

I saw a girl in the restroom washing her hands without soap and then just drying them. Is that better than not washing your hands at all? Obviously washing with soap is the best.Is washing your hands without soap as useless as not washing your hands at all?
Using just water helps too, it rinses off quite a bit of the dirt. Liquid soap works better but bars of soap are a terrible breeding ground for bacteria when shared with many people; it's very rare to see bars of soap in a public restroom now since this is well-known, but if you do happen to go somewhere where they have bars, use just water instead.Is washing your hands without soap as useless as not washing your hands at all?
You answered your own question when you added your last sentence. However, let me ask you; would you rather wash your hands without soap or not at all?
Water is the best solvent so it does help a lot without soap.

Soap is really good at killing germs. The soap molecule has two ends, one pointed and the other round. One side is water loving, hydrophilic and the other side hates water hydrophobic. The water vibrates the water loving side and the other sides sticks to the outside of the germ. Eventually tearing it to pieces. They cannot evolve against soap.
No, if you rub your hand together under the water, then your hands will be pretty clean. Some soaps only leave a residue that smells good and your hands are actually 'dirtier' than if you'd just used water.
I suspect there is not much difference

I always use soap and I hate it when it's over
Soap is important but when you wash hands with soap what really kills the bacteria is the friction you use when rubbing your hands together.
It has to be better than nothing, but soap is the way to go.
Well, washing with just hot water gets rid of physical contaminats, such as solid poo and food gunk on your hands. But to really get them clean you need an antibactieral soap and hot water (as hot as you can stand).

Also you should wash your hands while singing the ';Birthday Song';. At least thats what I learned in my Food Safety Class.
Soap breaks up the oils that bond dirt to your hands. Water and thorough rubbing IS better than nothing.
While washing with soap is certainly better, not using soap, but still wetting the hands is better than nothing at all. I base this on the fact that water tends to dilute things. Just like some people rub there hands against a paper towel to wipe off there hands, water can tend to wipe away some germs.

Also, now more and more we hear of super germs, which are being created by the overuse of antibacterial soaps, so who knows, maybe she will be less susceptible.
No, it's better than not washing at all.
well , you got alot of conflicting answers on this one, now is the truth, washing your hands without soap, is better then nothing, soap will kill 99% more germs and you will be cleaner, but even still, the water will wash off alot of germs by itself.answer is they both work, but one is better then the other
i definetely agree with you that the best way to wash your hands is with a soap.. but incase you dont have it, try to have a sanitizer or alcohol...
I have to agree with you. Everyone should wash their hands with soap. I've read that you should use soap and lather it on your hand until you finish singing 'happy birthday' song. Some people don't even wash their hands. How nasty! =)
she might as well have not washed them at all. Water doesn't do anything.

The way soap worls is the germs get caught in the lather/bubbles and slide off. they don't slide off with water.
its better than nothing, but will not kill the bacteria... so almost useless.
yep!!! u should wash your hands with soap every time or use hand sanitizer like purell it kills 99.99% of germs but is useless when u have dirt on them.
why you need japanese to teach you to wash your Axxxe?
Well, it is certainly less helpful, but bacteria, germs, and wayward pee do get washed off with just water.
Water is better than nothing. :)
atleast soap kills bacteria!

What is source of phrase ';children was their hands with soap while eating bread'; ??

typo: ';was'; should read ';wash';What is source of phrase ';children was their hands with soap while eating bread'; ??
Sounds like it came from a children's bookWhat is source of phrase ';children was their hands with soap while eating bread'; ??
its not good question chidrend can not wash two hands and in same time eat bread
erm what?
Never heard of this phrase